Not a circumnavigation, a world tour!

We are not about speed, we are not about altitude... You got it, we are not about figures. A maximum average of three hours a day flying is intended to let time for encounters and discovery.

14 countries

France, United Kingdom, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, United States, Russia, Belarus, Czech republic, Poland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium

3 months

To be true, the schedule says 80 days... Too good to be true...

275 flight hours

A real organization challenge since our helicopters require certified servicing each fifty hours of flight.

39 000 km

Take a look to our route let yourself dream of joining us for this trip... Wait! I can actually join you?!?

While enjoying, what about some badges?

First two-seater piston helicopter circumnavigation (world record)

First helicopter circumnavigation by french pilots

First helicopter circumnavigation on a french helicopter

Stories, places and encounters

Circumnavigators use to rush across countries, we carefully picked our eighty stops among the most beautiful landscapes of the fourteen countries we will overfly. Those are places where stories and encounters will take place... Here are some examples...

Landing at Maunsell Forts

The Maunsell Forts are armed towers built in the Thames and Mersey estuaries during the Second World War to help defend the United Kingdom.

Sleeping at Akpatok island

Akpatok is a desert island, in the far north Canada, crowded by bears and wolves. Inuits consider the island haunted since humans skulls and bones, remaining from cannibals meals, strew the ground.

Low-flying Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon

Our lives depending on it, we would be unable to pronounce this place's name! We will "low-pass" it though!

Landing on USS Lexigton

In North West Texas, precisely in Corpus Christi, we will land on the USS Lexington, an Essex class aircraft carrier: classy!

Meeting Trent Palmer

Trent Palmer is this upsetting guy, making an excellent VLOG, landing his plane like if it was a helicopter. We need to go, see and figure out by ourselves...

Gazing at tomorrow

Bathed by the icy waters of the Bering Strait, between Alaska and Siberia, two islands face each other, the Little and Big Diomède. Between them, passes the International Date Line. Thus, the improbable traveler who, standing on the shore of the Little Diomedes looks at the Great Diomedes lives, without knowing it, a rare experience: he contemplates tomorrow.

Our 14th of July, June 18th

Taking of from Issy-les-Moulineaux heliport, escorted by two helicopters "Dragons" from the Civil Security, we will cross Paris, overflying the Seine to go to the International Air Show in Le Bourget. A unique privilege.

Claim the Principality of Sealand

If you don't know the story of this place, treat yourself and read it on Wikipedia! We do know the story for years and we decided to land there and claim this place as an advanced tactical base for France! #Brexit

Pilots and helicopters

Corentin Larose

Helicopter pilot

Fond of flying, Corentin Larose didn't have any choice but become a successful entrepreneur to get from flying models to real aviation. He started with gliders, eventually went to planes before getting access to his real deal... Helicopters. He since founded a helicopter rental company and started organizing helicopter events in France.

Guimbal Cabri G2


First french two-seater certified helicopter, Guimbal Cabri G2 is the state of the art helicopter. Safe by design, elegant and easy to handle, it is also the quietest and lowest fuel consuming certified helicopter. Its high-inertia, tri-bladed rotor allow us to safely fly even in turbulent air.

Samy Da-Dalt

Helicopter pilot

Samy Da-Dalt, a former ski and paragliding competitor, is definitely a flying guy, paraglider, glider, plane, ultra-light, helicopter, during the winter he skies, during the summer he flies its ultralight motor-glider and paragliders in the Pyrénées where he lives.